Sunday, June 2, 2024

 A Hymn of Trust

Isaiah 30:15

In quietness and confidence

My strength shall ever be!

No weariness shall overcome

The soul that’s stayed on Thee.

Though trials sore and hardships come

My strength He shall renew:

His presence shall envelop me – 

No ill shall e’er pass through.

My case into His hands I’ve given,

He knoweth all my need;

And He who notes the sparrow’s fall

Shall still; provide and lead.

Though sudden sorrow pierce my heart,

Though storm-clouds rise and thunders roll,

In quietness and confidence

Shall be my strength of soul.

Though friends may fail, the world be dark,

I know for me He cares,

And as a Father pitieth

In all my grief He shares.

And so, whatever may betide,

Or whether weal or woe,

In quietness and confidence

Shall be the strength I know.

– N. M. S.