Thursday, November 2, 2023

 A Wonderful Day

Glorious Day when we stand in His presence.

   All of our heartaches and sorrows are past,

No more burdens too heavy to carry -

   We shall see Jesus at last!

Wonderful day when we shall be like Him,

   Features were marred by sin here below,

Now they are radiant, beautiful, glorious!

   Cleansed by His blood, made whiter than snow.

Marvelous day, all suffering ended,

   Glorious bodies now, like to His own;

We will be kings and priests in God’s kingdom,

   With glory and honor around Christ’s throne.

Radiant day – the day of His crowning –

   The thought of this day is immeasurably sweet;

Then we will stand transformed in His likeness,

   Casting our trophies and crowns at His feet.

Victorious day – the day of the Rapture,

   The Lamb who was slain is now become King!

The Bride of the Lamb in garments all glorious

   I singing sweet songs the Bride only can sing.

Triumphant day – great day  of His power!

   All the kingdoms of earth put under His feet!

The saints of all ages in garments of splendor

   Are crowning Him King to rule over all!

– Unknown