Thursday, November 2, 2023

 Walk In The Light

   Let us walk in the light of the Lord,

      Let us heed all the truth we have heard;

   ’Tis the goodness of God that has come to abide,

      And reveal wondrous things through the Word.

   To the world we must say one “Goodbye,”

      To the flesh and all sin one “Nay! Nay!”

   Neath the shade of the wings of the Christ we will hide,

      And to Him shout an eternal “Yea.”

   When our friends pass away with disease, 

      Having yielded to flesh and applause;

   And when some turn to selfishness, envy and hate,

      Then we know what’s the deep-seated cause,

   Let us walk in the light of the Lord,

      And with hearts full of gladness press on, 

   Never slacken our gate, Jesus coming await,

      Then in triumph we soon will be gone.

   Thru the ages eternal we’ll prove

      All the marvels of infinite grace,

   And forever rejoice that we walked in the light

      By the Spirit, and quickened our pace.

   In the glory we’ll find a reward,

      We will walk on the evergreen plane,

   And forever  have Jesus our Bridegroom in sight,

      And to Him shout an eternal “Yea.”

– A. S. Copley