Thursday, November 2, 2023

 My Precious Bible

My Bible ‘tis a book divine,

  Where heavenly truth and mercy shine;

  And wisdom speaks in every line,

It speaks to thee and speaks to me.

My Bible here with joy I trace

  The records of redeeming grace -

  Glad tidings for a sinful race, 

Good news for thee, good news for me.

My Bible in this book alone,

  I find God’s holy will made known;

  And here His love to man is shown,

His love to thee, His love to me.

My Bible source of comfort pure

  To those who trials here endure;

  The hope of heaven it renders sure,

Best hope for thee, best hope for me.

I love my Bible; may I ne’er 

  Consult it but with faith and prayer,

That I may find my Savior there;

  Who died for thee, who died for me.

Christ my hope, an anchor sure,

  With-in the vale I am secure;

  Not I, but Christ who doth endure,

‘Tis Christ with-in, ’tis Christ with-in.

– Isaac Baldwin (1851)