Monday, April 1, 2024

 Song of Solomon 2:7

Greg Gilliam Pastor, Grace Christian
Assembly, Kansas City, Missouri

“I charge you, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, by the roes, and by the hinds of the field, that ye stir not up, nor awake my love, till he please.”

This book is the song of songs, which is Solomon’s (1:1). To help us understand our text we need to realize that the King addresses the woman as “love.” The woman addresses him as “my beloved.”  In the first verse of this chapter we see what she says about herself, “I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.” The Lord wants us to see who we are in Him. In verse three she sees him as a mature fruitful tree. She finds him as a refuge from the heat and she finds enjoyment in him.  In verse four we find that every act that He does towards her is because of His love. As believers we find this to be true in our lives as well.  Yes, even the pruning that we find in John 15 is because of his love. He desires that this be a productive relationship with her. That fruit may abound to her account.  In verse five we read, “I am sick of love.” Let’s back up from the way this phrase is used today - I am sick of something or I am tired of it. Here she is saying she enjoys his love and is ravished by it. Then verse six we find that she knows his embrace. Dear one, have you felt the embrace of the Lord Jesus Christ?  Do you know His hand is under your head and his right hand doth embrace you?

Now let us consider our text. She has been learning his ways.  She is not perfect and nor are we saints. She has learned something about him and is instructing others. The instruction, “stir not up, nor awake my love, till he please.”  We must realize who He is.  He is God - deity. The 139th Psalm says He searches us and knows us, He knows when we sit down and He knows when we stand up. He knows what I am thinking about and is acquainted with all my ways. He knows every word in my tongue. Saints He knows all about us.  

Cella E. Stanton writes in a song titled, “He Knows” that He knows earth’s deepest sorrow, our highest joy, the deepest darkest sins of years, He’s able to destroy.  He knows the deep heart longings, the hidden tears that flow; nothing over takes us but what our Lord doth know. He knows about our trials and knows the way we take.  In His own way He leads us, because He loves us so. He even knows when we grow weary. He knows the heart that trusts Him.

We must come to the same conclusion that the Psalmist did (Psalm 139:6), “such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain unto it.”

The Lord is a man who lives in rest and peace. Let’s look at an example in Mark 4:38 they had entered into a ship and a big storm came up. Where did they find Jesus and what was He doing? He was asleep on a pillow. The wind is in subjection to Him.  He arose and rebuked the wind and said unto the sea, “Peace be still.” Then He went back to the people and said, “Why are ye so fearful?  How is it that ye have no faith?”  

Sometimes God’s people try to provoke Him to action. If that has been you in the past, go to the Lord and ask for His forgiveness.  Ask Him to help you live in His rest and His peace.  Remember what we said earlier, we are not perfect.  Sometimes things overtake us and we react rather than respond.  Hebrews 4:9-11 There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.  For he that is entered into his rest he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from his. Let us labour therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief.  Philippians 4:6,7 Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.  

Dear ones let us go back to our text, “stir not up, nor awake my love, till he please.” The Lord knows all about you.  He knows what you are going through.  Acknowledge His headship in your life.  Submit to His will.  Continue to wait upon Him. Psalm 27:14…wait, I say, upon the Lord. He will make everything beautiful in His time.  Ecclesiastes 3:11.