Friday, January 1, 2021

 Letter from Pastor Sharon Townsend

Chesterfield, Michigan

I want to share a poem found in my mother’s papers. 

As I read it, I wondered what storm she was going through at the time. But whatever storm it was, it ended in victory.

I know our storms will have the same ending.

“Tarry not oh God, my Father but stop the storm

Behold, the perishing effects thy children have born

Arise even now with thy mighty love and power

For Jesus sake Father in this trying hour.

The storm has been long and grievous too

Were it not for thy grace, we would surely be thru

But now I remember thy blessed Word

Thy word is Yea and Amen and shall ever Be

The storm over and gone and now more of Jesus I see.”

Luke 6:4-49

There is no title, no date, no signature, but I do believe it is hers. She would on occasion write out her feeling in this manner. I found it encouraging. May it have the same effect on you.