Wednesday, September 2, 2020


The queen of Sheba came,

Having heard of Solomon’s fame,

Concerning the dear Lord’s name.

She came to view for her self,

His glory, wisdom, and wealth.

With a great train, she came,

Laden with spices and very much gold.

To prove him with hard questions she was bold.

And right from the start,

She communed with him all of her heart.

Now from all that she learned,

She was breathless, and cried;

The half I never was told.

Now a greater than Solomon is here,

And in His sweet name we draw near,

To appropriate His marvelous grace,

And to commune with him face to face.

For He invites us to be bold,

To search out the wealth of His wisdom untold.

He calls us to make the excellent choice,

To let Him see our face, and let Him hear our voice.

– Jack Davis