Tuesday, April 1, 2014


My doctrine is not mine, but His that sent me.”
John 7:16
   The key to good doctrine is where it comes from. Jesus knew His doctrine was sound because He knew where it came from.
   Doctrines can tickle ears and excite our minds but that proves nothing. We can even love a doctrine with all our heart but that will not make it right. Crowds of people can own loyalty to a doctrine and it can still be false.
   Jesus did not figure out a doctrine; He received a doctrine. God gave the doctrine, Jesus faithfully spoke it.
   We cannot trust any doctrine that does not come from God. Men can be used of God only as they are faithful to speak His doctrine. Jesus was faithful and true to His Father, therefore His doctrine was always right.

The first man fell when he listened to half-truths. Most of what we hear today is also half-truths. That is why we have a fallen church. Only the whole truth can keep us whole. Paul preached the whole “counsel of God” for he wanted saints to have the best God could give them. Our greatest enemy is not the out-ward sin, but the half-truths clothed in a religious setting. If a church is teaching half-truths it may grow but it will never be spiritual.
John West
Willcox, AZ