Friday, December 1, 2023


Enoch lived in days of old,

Before the flood, we are told.

No record of his house or lands,

Nor fame or fortune was his claim,

But “dedication” was his name.

He prophesied of heavenly things,

The Lord’s descent on heavenly wings.

One day his friends looked, but in vain,

  To find their neighbor was their aim.

They never laid him ‘neath the sod,

Simply because he walked with God.

Translations door was opened wide,

And Enoch found himself inside.

The lesson here is plain to see,

God’s promise holds for you and me.

Christ soon will come as Enoch said,

To claim His own, both live and dead.

If we that day will gladly meet,

We must surrender at His feet.

If we walk with God in Enoch’s way,

With joyful hearts, we’ll greet that day.

For then, we too, with upturned eyes

Will see the Lord come from the skies,

Then with a shout and trumpet cry,

We’ll gather to Him in the sky.

–Thora Evans