Friday, February 3, 2023

 Glad Tidings
Good Things

Jack Davis

Oh beloved, do we ever have “good news” to tell? Oh yes, from the vents of the past, through the present, and on and on into a glorious future. We have been loosed at the cross long ago. We also now have divine authority and enablement to stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free. It has been promised, “Sin shall not have dominion over you.” We are free to walk in newness of life; and reign in life by one Jesus Christ, and serve the true and living God.

We are glad to have committed to our trust that which our God calls good. Our tidings of things, news from afar causes us to rejoice, knowing that our traveling days here are about fulfilled. We have enjoyed the privilege and the thrill, to walk in our beloved’s will. He has spoken to longing hearts, “arise my love my fair one and come away.” We will be glad some day that we have accepted a bridal call to separation, are we now?

He has kept His promise to supply all our need. He has made His grace abound toward us. He is finishing the good work He has begun in us, working all the good pleasure of His will. And now He is about to descend with a shout, and catch us up to that meeting in the air. Glory to God, what good tidings of great joy!!!