Thursday, August 25, 2022

 I’m Coming Soon

My Savior speaks across the way.

“I’m coming soon.” He seems to say.

I’ll break the clouds and come for thee.”

Oh, joy and rest and ecstasy!

“Oh, yes be brave, I’m coming soon.”

He whispers low, It may be noon,

Or even night, His face I’ll see,

And evermore with Him will be.

I hear His voice, It closer coos –

“I’m coming soon.” His Bride He woos

With words of love and hope and cheer.

He’s coming soon. I need not fear.

I’m coming soon, I’m coming soon, 

Midnight, or morn or shining noon.

I’m coming soon, I’m coming soon,

Down through the sky aglow with roon.

“O love, arise and haste away.

I’m coming soon: maybe today.

Then up, we’ll fly to heaven and home.

Forever there together roam.”