Friday, October 1, 2021

 Waiting Till I Come

‘Midst the darkness, storm and sorrow,

one bright gleam I see,

Well I know the blessed morrow,

Christ will come for me;

‘Midst the light and peace and glory

of the Father’s home,

Christ for me is waiting, 

watching, waiting till I come.

Long the blessed Guide has led me

by the desert road,

Now I see the golden towers –

City of my God;

There a-midst the love and glory

He is waiting yet,

On His hands a name is graven

He can ne’er forget.

There a-mist the songs of heaven,

sweeter to His ear

Is the foot-fall through the desert

ever drawing near;

There made ready, are the mansions

glorious, bright and fair,

But the Bride, the Father gave Him,

still is wanting there.

Christ for me is waiting,

watching, waiting till I come

I behold Him watching, waiting,

wooing me to come home.

     – Anon