Saturday, July 3, 2021

 At His Feet

Luke 7:38

She came and stood at His feet

   And wept with bitter tears.

Her heart was filled with such need,

   And overwhelmed with fears.

She came and stood at His feet

   And wiped them with her hair.

Washed them with those bitter tears,

   So unafraid to care.

She came and stood at His feet

   For all the world to see.

Knowing who and what she was,

   Yet wanting to be free.

Oh what love was in her heart,

   What need and great desire.

For only Jesus had the power

   To lift her from sin’s mire.

Fragrance filled that little room,

   As ointment was poured out.

Others sat and watched with shock

   But her soul gave a shout!

Jesus knew her love was great,

   And spoke the words to heal.

Showing He alone could save

   And that her faith was real.

By  Debra Isenbletter