Saturday, May 23, 2020


Earlene Davis

The Lord has blessed me with faithful workers to help me with the work of being able to publish and send out the Glorious Gospel magazine. Gordon Crook, Don Rogers, Jack and Kathie French. These four have been faithful every month for years, with no pay, they do what they do as unto the Lord. I so appreciate them. Because of the Virus we have all had to stay at home, so I did not expect them to come. I realized that working without them these last three months, just how important they are. Credit is due to them, but I know the Lord sees their service and He rewards.

I also appreciate all the writers that have sent in articles and poems for print. At present Anita Clark, Gordon Crook, Debra Isenbletter, Vicky Moots are regulars, but there has been many others. So glad they are willing to share what the Lord leads them to write.

I have come to realize that most do not realize how much work there is to the finished product by some comments made, thinking it only takes a day to get it ready. So I will walk you through the process. But don’t get me wrong, we all enjoy the work and count it a privilege to minister is this way by the printed page.

First, I have to assemble and get the articles ready for the month in the computer. That takes several days. After having the right number of pages for the 25 page magazine; I send them by e-mail to Gordon Crook and he put them in Page Maker and sends them back to me by e-mail. He also prints out the bulk mail labels (via TeamViewer), through a Post Office program called Intelligent Mail which I was unable to learn. That tells you something about me.

Next day, Don Rogers comes and does the printing on the Risograph machine. It takes several hours. While he is doing that, I am printing the Cover page on the Brother machine and printing out the package and foreign labels and putting them on the right size envelopes or packages and adding postage (postal machine). Don then does the folding on the folding machine and we both start the collating of the pages and finishing collating and stapling the next morning.

Jack and Kathie French come and Jack trims the magazine on the cutter machine. Kathie put the 3 seals on the bulk magazines. Jack then puts the bulk labels on the sealed copies. The rest of that day is spent getting the magazine in the right envelopes and packages and filling the postal bags. Don and I take it to the Post Office. He puts three mailing bags on the dock, then going in the bulk office and sending off the bulk mail, then go to the lobby to mail off the foreign packages. Then we praise and thank the Lord that it is done for another month.

We now send the magazine not only to a lot of the US States, but to 10 foreign English speaking countries (Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Egypt in Africa; England and Wales in Europe, India in Asia, Paraguay and Argentina in South America, also Philippines and Australia). Many are pastors in those countries, what a privilege God has given us by His grace (39 years printing Glorious Gospel).