Friday, February 1, 2019

The Gospel of Grace

Carolyn Brown

Springfield, Missouri

The gospel of grace is the portion of the Word God entrusted to the Apostle Paul, regarding the free gift of His Son to us, who were dead in trespasses and sins, in order that we might have abundant life. It is the message of the new covenant wherein the law has been written in the hearts of those who rest on Jesus. It has a three-part unfolding for those who receive its message.
First, justification, the acknowledging of our inability to be right before God and by faith laying hold of Jesus for our righteousness. We are accepted in God’s Beloved, redeemed, forgiven. We have peace with God to replace the enmity that was once there. We have access into a harbor of rest wherein we stand perfect before God. Here is the throne of grace to which we can come boldly. What a contrast with the old economy in which the law continually pointed an accusing finger.
But now we have entered a realm in which there is no condemnation. This is sanctification. The flesh cannot work here for the law of the Spirit of life only is the regulator. The Holy Spirit applies the mighty power of the Word to our lives so that we might be conformed to the image of Jesus. He must strip us of all the old rags of our self-effort, of all dependency in our natural abilities and attainments. He must separate us from those who would hinder His work in us. He must teach us through many experiences to trust Jesus, to lean on, depend upon, yea, even to cling to Him.
God’s grace is always there, sometimes exhorting us onward or comforting our hearts or gently lifting us up when we grow faint; grace is the teacher instructing us to be sober and righteous (or just), and to have a reverential attitude toward God. Always grace stand between us and sin.
Lastly, grace cuts a straight course for us and has in view only one thing – the glory of God. This is glorification. Far greater will His glory be or His inheritance among His saints if they have yielded to grace’s gently persuasion. When these earthly vessels are clothed upon with a body of glory like unto Jesus’ own, what an exultation of God’s grace there will be. Grace will have become glory. Oh praise the Lord for that fast approaching day!