Sunday, June 4, 2017

A Learning Devotion

Cathy Crook

One morning I had a devotion from the book of Matthew. It really touched something inside of me that made me want to dig deeper. Even though I had heard and read this story many times, I learned more. The Lord gave me understanding of some things that were definitely meant for me. A couple of days later I was praying and I specifically asked the Lord to really show me if I was to continue studying this portion of scripture. Lo and behold as I was doing my devotional the exact story came up again. This time with a little bit different thought. I took it from the Lord, I was to continue. It started out one way then ended up how I have it now. I hope you get as much of the blessing as I did.

Read Matthew 15:21-28 & Mark 7:24-30. I will compare these two accounts of the same event verse by verse. While Matthew says that he departed to the coasts of Tyre and Sidon, Mark 7:24 says he went to the borders of Tyre and Sidon and entered into a house. He did not want anyone to know which house but he could not hide. 

Matthew just mentions a woman of Canaan from the area, she cried unto Him., Lord, (meaning Supreme in Authority, God, master, Sir). Matthew only gives us the account about the disciples reaction. When Jesus did not answer they besought Him to send her away. She was bothering them in her persistence in seeing Jesus. She was not about to give up. In V. 24 he answers them saying that He was sent to the Jewish people She came anyway and worshiped Him. What she said shows that she knew who He was and could deliver her daughter. Mark gives us a little more information about her. He says she was a “certain” woman. That means she was a particular or specific woman. He also says she was a Greek (therefore a Gentile) and also Syrophenician, which means she was a Phoenician woman. We also learn here that she not only cried out but fell at His feet and besought Him to cast out the devil. Besought – is more than just a simple request. She in entreating, praying, close to begging.

Matthew 15:26 – Jesus answers her. He uses the illustration of people taking children’s food away and giving it to the dogs. We would never think of letting children go hungry and feeding the dogs. In Mark 7:27 – He further mentions that Jesus says the children are to be fed first. He is meaning that He was there for the Jewish people and they should partake of what He had for them before the Gentiles.

Both Matthew in V. 27 and Mark V. 28, tells us how she answers. She has some understanding. Even crumbs are available for the dogs. Matthew 15:28 and Mark 7:29 – Jesus recognizes her faith. He grants her petition. Her daughter was delivered at that moment. She saw the result when she returned home. Her daughter was delivered of the devil.

As I read both of these accounts of the same story a complete picture was made, like I said earlier there were some personal teachings that he had to show me. One of them was Faith is believing All things are possible with God. With our faith we honor the Lord and He honors our faith.