Thursday, July 28, 2016

What does the Bible say?

Is the term ‘full overcomer’ scriptural?

In Christ’s letters to the 7 churches (Rev. 2 & 3) we find this phrase “to him that overcometh,”  followed by the reward offered to the overcomers in each church. The rewards differ in value. The best reward is to the overcomers of Smyrna and Philadelphia churches. They both are promised a crown. They will have authority to reign as kings with Christ. A lesser reward is offered to the overcomers of Ephesus, Pergamos and Sardis churches. It is better than some others, but far below that of Smyrna and Philadelphia. The church of Laodicea does not have Christ, they are Christians in name only. He stands outside the door knocking for any individual to open their hearts door to Him. Those who will receive Him are overcomers of that condition. Their reward is less than that of Ephesus, Pergamos and Sardis churches. The reward to Thyatira overcomers is the lowest rank of all. They are not translated, yet have a high place in the earthly kingdom. Though the term ‘full overcomer’ is not in the Scriptures, yet it is a scriptural term. For there are greater rewards for the greater overcomers and lesser rewards for the lesser overcomers.

E. J. D.