Friday, January 1, 2016


The Clouds

Dear Friends,
I greet you all in the name of Jesus. I greatly thank and appreciate everyone for your financial help for the Gospel and for your love and support during David’s illness.

This year hasn’t all been a bed of roses, but we have a lot to thank God for. First in May, David began to have trouble with vertigo. It got so bad at one time they thought he was having a stroke and he went to the emergency room. But after many tests they said everything was normal and sent him home. It seemed to effect his eyes so they sent him for an eye test which turned out perfect 20/20 vision and no need for glasses. Pretty good for an 84 year old man no?

But that didn’t slow him down! He was working on a chorus book for the church. That he finished and also several other small books and pamphlets in Spanish. Those he finished besides trying to mow every yard that needed it (his sons had bought him a new riding lawn mower).

The last of June we received food to be distributed to the Mexican pastors and to be given to the poor. After working several days getting the food distributed he had a massive stroke (July the 1st).

Now today, Oct. 23, he is still in therapy due to not being able to have full use of his right side and for speech. Since Rachel has had back surgery and me with my bad leg we can’t lift him so we can’t bring him home yet.

The 8th of Dec. Is the candy roll give away which we have every year. David and Bro. Johnson started it years ago with a few hundred candy rolls. Today it is a mammoth project with many thousands of candy rolls given away. This year David won’t be able to help and has made him very despondent.

The people of our church in Cavazos, Mexico are still going on faithfully. There is still trouble along the border. Some missionaries still go over, others have had so many problems they don’t go.

We have still been able to supply Bro. Lopez, pastor of a church in Rio Bravo in Mexico with food and literature.

Dec. 8th we had a good turnout for the candy rolls. Thousands of candy rolls were given away.

Bro. Lopez will be making another trip by the house to pick up food, Christmas decorations, material for the women to sew and Spanish tracks.

Again we thank you for all your remembrance of us. Now continue to pray for David. We are believing God to raise him up! The 10th he celebrated his 85th birthday at the nursing home with cake and balloons. Last month the 22nd we celebrated our 62nd Wedding Anniversary. We thank God for His mercies to us!

    Christian Love, David, Jo Ann and Rachel Cloud
    P. O. Box 181, Pharr, TX 78577-0181