Monday, December 14, 2015

Why Attend Church?

Church attendance is down in the state of Kansas according to the local TV station. This is some of the comments made by people that were interviewed. They claimed to be spiritual but not religious, they feel that going to church is boring and a waste of time. It is a very sad condition, that people do not feel the need of gathering with other believers to worship God and to take in His Word. They sound complacent and satisfied in not putting the Lord first in their lives. I am sure that there would be different exclamations and excuses. But I suspect they are just to busy with their own interests to think about God.
When we go to church, we meet with other members of the family, the family of God, our Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus (Eph. 2:19). We enjoy sweet fellowship, rejoicing in the blessings of the Lord, supporting one another in prayer. We need that spiritual fellowship and support.
We also are continuing to learn the Word of God better all the time. That Word strengthened us for the days to come. We find that when trials come, the Holy Spirit will bring to our minds the Word we have taken in to sustain us at those difficult times. In the natural we want to get to know the one we love. In our spiritual life we desire to know the one who loved us so that He died for us, paying the price for our sins.
The sanctuary is a refuge, a place to get away from the busyness of this world. A mini-retreat where we can focus our thoughts on things above, worshiping our heavenly Father for who He is and for His love and continual care.
Our faithful attendance to church no doubt is a living testimony of our Lord. That action says to others that it is important in our life. It can cause them to wonder what it is all about that attracts us to come together. Hopefully they will check it out.
Since Jesus died for me, it is an honor to remember Him and put Him first in all things. We also celebrate His resurrection, His triumph over death assures us that we also shall to raised again ( II Cor. 4:14).
As God’s child, He delights to reveal His plans to me and I want to get in on all the details. So church is needed for spiritual progress and I have lots to learn. For I desire to have an intimate relationship with my heaven Father and with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Jesus said that when two or three are gathered together in His name, He is there in our midst– Mt. 18:20. Also the Bible tells us to not forsake gathering with other believers as some do; but exhort one another and so much the more as we see the day approaching of His coming – Heb. 10:25.