Monday, June 1, 2015

A Good Report

“God’s Not Done With Me Yet”

By Gary Oetinger
Clay Center, Kansas

It’s a miracle, I am still alive, even the doctors say I have a testimony. July 5, 2013, I was enjoying a meal with family
and had a severe heart attack. The doctor said there wasn’t any hope. Even though my living will called for no life support, my niece insisted on it. Doctors advised the family that I would probably be in a nursing home six to eight months on a respirator and brain dead. Every part of my body appeared dead already. It appeared hopeless. While in a coma (for over a month), I was transferred to a recovery hospital, having three infections, worse than staph. The doctors advised again that they should let me go, because you just don’t recover from this kind of stuff. So many prayer groups gathered in my name, and all of a sudden, I woke up. All I could move was my head. I wondered what happened, because I had three different doctors – a heart doctor, a lung doctor, and an infection/discase doctor. They all came and shook my hand, saying, “Boy, this just doesn’t happen, fellah.” Gradually the rest of the body came back, couldn’t walk, but receiving very good care at Clay Center Presbyterian Manor, where I recovered for five weeks, also receiving help from the cardiac rebab unit at the hospital, strengthening other parts of the heart. They told me I set a record for the number of times being told, “This guy shouldn’t be alive.” I give the credit to God, I give the glory to God, for prayer made a big difference. You couldn’t believe the people that were praying for me, people all over that I didn’t even know. It was through the power of prayer of those prayer warriors that brought me back from the brink of death. As of today, I am walking again and returned to living independently in my apartment.