Thursday, January 29, 2015


Christian, look up! The dawn will soon be breaking–
The glorious dawn of which God’s Word doth tell.
Though wars increase, and all the earth is shaking,
Fear not! Look up! Await Immanuel!
Soon thou wilt see the risen Lord of Glory!
O what a sunrise will His advent be!
Till then proclaim the precious Gospel story–
Redemption through the Lamb of Calvary.

Christian, look up! Soon will be past forever
Thy pilgrim journey through this vale of tears.
A Home awaits thee–built by Christ, the Savior.
No night is THERE, no pain, no death, no fears.
With loved ones thou again wilt be united–
No more to say Goodbye; no more to part.
The flowers of Eden by no frosts are blighted.
O blessed hope! Christian, look up! Take heart!

Christian, look up! When dawns that glorious morrow
Thy every burden thou wilt soon forget.
Now with Christ’s Gospel comfort those in sorrow;
So many eyes today with tears are wet!
The way is dark, but Christ, the Light Supernal
Will bide with thee till thy last pilgrim mile.
Soon thou wilt sup with Him, the King Eternal!
O blessed hope! Christian, look up and smile!

–Anna Hoppe